About DoWhat

Woman looking at phone with DoWhat logoDoWhat was a digital marketing service supporting social, local and mobile commerce through a proprietary technology called NEXT.

Outside of a few large industries like real estate and accommodation it remains difficult for consumers to find a product or service relevant to their location and need which also has a proven reputation.  Highly discounted daily deal services are based on a costly and unsustainable business model which attracts transient bargain hunters rather than loyal customers.  DoWhat’s location based matching service enabled businesses to foster customer loyalty by delivering regular and relevant real-time marketing to a specific number of precisely targeted consumers.

Unfortunately after spending several years of working to revolutionize the way personalised local targeted marketing is delivered in December 2015 the very difficult decision was made to shut down DoWhat.

All of us at DoWhat remain committed to the concept of personalised local targeted marketing and have great confidence this capability will one day be the way you receive information about what you want to do. However, at this point, the time and cost required to deliver on the vision is more than the market is prepared to invest.

As a result, the DoWhat web site has been shut down and is no longer available.

Thank you for supporting DoWhat and apologise for any disappointment or inconvenience that may be caused by the closure of this service.

Richard Clarke
DoWhat CEO